The Cape Breton Fiddlers’ Association was established in 1973.

It promotes traditional Cape Breton style music through fiddle, guitar, piano, singers, step dancers, and lovers of Cape Breton Fiddle Music.

Cape Breton Fiddlers' Association, 70 Station Street, Dominion, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, B1G 1W2

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Cape Breton Fiddlers Association

‘Let the music fill your soul’

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October Practice

The Gaelic College is quite willing to have us return to the College in the near future.  At this point, we are waiting for Phase 5 of COVID to be announced.  I think it is still a few weeks away, but it looks like we are tentatively looking at a practice for October 3rd!  

Stephanie MacDonald has graciously agreed to direct the October practice.  Thank you very much, Stephanie.  Of course, this is all dependent on the COVID regulations in October!

December Overnight Gathering

Tentative also, but a distinct possibility…the Association will be hosting an overnight Christmas Ceilidh on November 27th and November 28th!!! Dara MacDonald has generously agreed to direct this practice.  Thank you, Dara.   Many of you have expressed a great desire to meet again so we are working diligently towards this.  Of course, everything hinges on the COVID regulations in November!

Registration Fees and Donations

Thank you to the many, many members who have paid their registration fees this summer.  A note of gratitude also goes to those who have sent small donations to help with the expenses for the general fund.  While we are not hosting concerts, etc., we still have our general operating expenses.  For those who have not paid their dues, please consider doing this in the near future.


The members of the Association were so sad when they lost yet another one of our faithful members.  Kirby Moore from the Sydney area passed away on June 8th after a brief, sudden illness.  He was a true gentleman with a great sense of humour.  He thoroughly enjoyed trips and adventures with us, and the members certainly enjoyed him.  Our heartfelt sympathy goes to his wife Liz and her family.

Birthday Wishes

Many of you would remember one of our most beloved members, Billy Matheson.  He was 99 when he died, and he was still in great spirits.  His wife, Mary, celebrated an important birthday recently.  One of our Board Members, Burton MacIntyre, presented her with flowers and good wishes from the Association.

Hello Folks: The new website is here

After a considerable amount of time and energy, the Cape Breton Fiddlers’ Association is back on the web!  Thanks to Glen Vickers and Paul MacDonald who were the first to offer assistance to get us back here.  Paul MacDonald of Action Web Services in Halifax resurrected a temporary website for us to use for a short period of time.  We kept this until Glen Vickers, with the help of his lovely wife, Jan, created a brand new site for us.  Please take your time and scroll through all the exciting categories that are available for your pleasure.  Enjoy!